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Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Starter Kit. Room & Car Diffuser + 2 Oils

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MSRP: $58.95
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One bundle of 4 aromatherapy products


Item Number 1 - Room Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Room diffuser
  • ultra fine mist
  • elegantly designed and extremely quiet
  • 1, 3, or 6 hour settings with automatic shut-off when water is used up
  • measures 8 1/2" high and 6 3/4" wide
  • fluid capacity 13.5 oz
  • mist output 1 to 1.7 oz per hour
  • plugs into a standard 115V wall electrical outlet and uses only 14 watts of electricity
  • dark woodgrain look

 This essential oils aromatherapy diffuser releases such an ultra fine mist that you can barely feel it if you place your hand over it. A band of colorful lights that will either continuously fluctuate from one color to another, rising and falling in intensity, or can be set to be stable on one color and intensity, or you can even set it for no light at all. The mist beautifully carries the aroma you love throughout the space you choose to use it. We highly recommend this unit for inhalation therapy!

Item Number 2 - Essential Oils Car Diffuser 

  • aromatherapy essential oils car vent diffuser
  • stainless steel
  • magnetic closure - easy to open, but stays tightly closed when shut
  • 17 colorful felt pads included!

This 1 1/4" aromatherapy essential oils car diffuser is stainless steel. It has a marvelous clip that's easy to slide on and off your AC vent louver, but plenty tight so there is no movement at all. There are small holes in the back of the diffuser, which allow your vent air to blow through the diffuser creating the scents you love with your essential oils. To use just place a few drops of your essential oil on the felt pad.

Item Number 3 -  10 ml Bottle of Patchouli 100% Pure Essential Oil  

  • known to be very effective for relaxation and meditation
  • used to bolster the immune system
  • said to have aphrodisiac effects 
  • aids in transmitting messages to the brain to positively influence the nervous system
  • 10 ml in a glass bottle.

Scent: strong earthy, musky, rich sweet herbs, spicy, woodsy

This essential oil was widely used during the Hippie movement of the 60's and 70's and frequently used in the burning of incense.

Item Number 4 - Orange 100% Pure Essential Oil

  • promotes a positive outlook
  • used to relieve tension and stress
  • known to support the body's physical, mental and emotional levels
  • said to support a healthy immune system
  • 10 ml in a glass bottle

Scent: sweet, intense citrus, tangy 

Note: Essential oils brand is Wyndmere Naturals, established in 1995 and is a small woman-owned business located in New Hope, Minnesota. 



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