Tactical Pen - Dual Purpose Blue Ink Pen and Self-Defense Tool

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Real Estate Agent Version With Blue Ink!

What is a tactical pen? This tactical pen is designed to have a dual purpose and can be used as both an ink pen or a tactical self-defense tool. Our tactical pen is the one self-defense tool that can be used by both men and women for everyday carry in a business or casual setting. 

Why should I carry this tactical pen for self-defense?  According to the U.S. Department of Justice; among elderly violent crime victims, about 59% reported being victimized at or near their home. If you get into the habit of making this tactical pen a part of your everyday-carry items, you will have it on you when you need it.   

  • Made from military-grade aerospace aluminum with a hard anodized treatment that does not fade with normal use and sturdy construction for self-defense use. It is 6-1/16” long and comes in three colors; black and silver and light rose gold 
  • Shipped in a solid black gift box with a brochure. Makes a good gift for an adult.  
  • The pen is designed to look like a high quality ink pen in your pocket; so its use as a self-defense tool becomes a surprise to an attacker and they may not know what hits them until its too late. 
  • Uses a universal ballpoint ink pen refill which is available online and at most office supply stores. This tactical pen comes with blue ink that dries quickly and is permanent. Blue ink pens are used by business professionals and attorneys when signing documents because the original blue ink document can be distinguished from a copy. 
  • Is not complicated to use for self-defense. Either held in the hand for a straight jab of the sharp tactical end or held in the hand in a reverse hammer grip and you swing like using an ice pick. 

The tactical end of this pen has a sharp point so some caution is needed when inserting the pen in your pocket. That said; this is a serious self-defense tool that could save your life if you are attacked. 

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